Defense + AI

The New Frontier of Global Security

The business of war is being overtaken by the advent of Al, and a competitive and fast-moving global environment. The global Defense +AI market is projected to grow to $61 billion by 2027.

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Defense + AI

RAIN is a global knowledge platform on the intersection of  Defense and AI. It provides the latest on Defense +AI by sourcing comprehensive, intelligible and relevant knowledge / data and connecting to all the players globally. 

RAIN + Industry

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on Defense + AI

The character of war is changing. RAIN+ Industry reports are essential for defense sector leaders. As militaries around the world adapt to the AI Revolution, our reports provide a multi-dimensional view of AI impacts. We map the AI ecosystem, benchmark and evaluate capabilities of platforms and systems. We track trends to help you stay ahead of the curve on the impacts of AI.

RAIN+ Industry reports offer actionable insights and market trend analysis to help decision makers reach critical decisions. Based on data-driven research, our reports offer vital intelligence and analytics for businesses and investors.


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