Who’s Who in AI + Defense: The RAIN 500

  • Understand the institutional ecosystem of AI and defense
  • Track who’s who in the sector and find the contacts you need to do business
  • Be prepared for what’s next in the sector

The first RAIN 500 report maps 500 individuals working in the field of artificial intelligence and defense in the United States, with other regions to follow. Individuals across 15 spotlight categories are presented with detailed profiles to form the ‘RAIN 150’.
In addition to the who’s who of individuals, RAIN 500 provides an overview of the institutional landscape, covering the government, private sector and civil society, as well as analysis, trends and developments related to the people who are driving AI and defense in the US.
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Government Agencies

For government agencies interested from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom interested in purchasing RAIN+ report we are pleased to announce that all Reports are available on the Grist Mill Exchange for anonymous purchase.

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