Eye in the Sky: High-Altitude Long-Endurance Uncrewed Systems on the Battlefield

Essential reading for investors, companies and governments interested in the HALE segment, EYE IN THE SKY evaluates 12 HALE platforms and payloads.

01 METRICS + MAPPING: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE HALE SECTOR provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the entire HALE segment and ecosystem. It examines key metrics related to HALEs, such as costs, capabilities and technological maturity, and maps global development, market dynamics and military use.

02 BENCHMARKING AUTONOMY + AI PERFORMANCE IN HALES evaluates the performance of  HALE systems according to the three primary RAIN+ AI Capabilities: Flight Automation, Connectivity and Automated Target Recognition. It also analyses the potential of AI for the HALE segment.

03 TRENDS + FORECASTS FOR THE HALE SECTOR provides analysis of key commercial and military meta trends and forecasts for the HALE segment, taking into account key geopolitical and technological factors.

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For government agencies interested from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom interested in purchasing RAIN+ report we are pleased to announce that all Reports are available on the Grist Mill Exchange for anonymous purchase.

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