The Venture Capital + Defense Directory: The Leading Venture Capital Firms and Defense + Dual-Use Technology Companies in the United States

An analysis of venture-capital backed efforts at the cutting edge of defense innovation in the United States. For the first time the leading venture capital firms’ involvement in defense and dual use technology has been analysed together with the leading new companies developing technology for the defense mission.

40 VC firm profiles are categorised into 4 VC types, operating across 15 industries and 64 sub-segments.

150 defense and dual-use companies including 139 private companies, 11 public companies and 32 unicorns.

The VC and Defense Directory offers granular representation of the investment patterns of venture capital firms in the defense space. It offers a deep dive into the profiles of the 40 most prominent VCs and 150 of the most important defense and dual use companies operating in the defense space.

All sectors of the emerging critical technology industries are covered in detail. 78,000 individual data-points compiled by the RAIN DATA LAB into 291 infographics allows us to understand the sector in detail.

This report  is made up of three parts:

  1. An introduction to VC and defense including assessment of the investment outlook for the sector.
  2. An analysis and presentation of the most important venture capital firms in the sector
  3. An analysis and presentation of the most important venture-backed defense and dual use companies
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