AI + Business intelligence for the defense sector

The character of war is changing

The revolutionary nature of the onset of AI and the dawn of Industry 4.0 threatens to make current defense strategies obsolete. The business of war is being quickly overtaken by the advent of AI.

RAIN is a global knowledge platform on the intersection of Defense + AI. RAIN Reports provide new actionable insights for those involved in defense sector product development, investment, or procurement. The reports are essential reading for anyone tracking the policy implications of AI on the future of defense structures


Tracking and mapping data, platforms and capabilities


Components, products and companies


Market trends and emerging opportunities

RAIN+ Industry

RAIN+ Industry reports offer actionable insights and market trend analysis to help decision makers reach critical decisions.  Based on data-driven research, our reports  offer vital intelligence and analytics for businesses and investors. We combine extensive open-source data gathering with subject matter expert analytics and insight. Our reports breakdown the complexity of how AI is most impacting defense sector products. 

We combine extensive open-source data gathering with subject matter expert analytics and insight. Our reports provide an unique combination of specific AI-enabled research and development metrics. Analytics of products and components, key companies, regulatory environments and the broader geopolitical context are for the first time offered together in one place.

RAIN+ Industry Methodology

RAIN+ Industry provides metrics and maps of platform characteristics, global developments and geopolitical dynamics. 

We benchmark technology maturity horizons and AI use. RAIN+ Industry uses leveraged data and expert analysis to identify key trends, and provide industry forecasts for this fast moving sector. 

A New Momentum for the Stratosphere

High-Altitude Platform Systems + Artificial Intelligence

A detailed industrial intelligence guide to the frontier technology of HAPS: Uncrewed Stratospheric Vehicles.

Driven by AI and decades in the making, High Altitude Platform Systems have arrived. Essential reading for investors, governments and companies active in the HAPS segment, A New Momentum for the Stratosphere evaluates 33 high-flying solar gliders, balloons and airships.

A comprehensive bundle of three complete reports, serves as navigational guides to this new market:

01 Metrics + Mapping provides a complete overview and analysis of the HAPS segment and ecosystem, examining key metrics related to HAPS including commercial and military interests, applications, and developments.

02 Review + Benchmarking analyses the performance of the 33 leading HAPS platforms and payloads according to three primary AI Capabilities: Flight Automation, Connectivity and Targeting.

03 Trends + Forecasts provides analysis of key commercial and military trends and forecasts for the HAPS segment, including critical factors for success, military deployment of HAPS’ future uses, likely HAPS market leaders and emerging sensor capabilities.

Eye in the Sky

High-Altitude Long-Endurance Uncrewed Systems on the Battlefield

Essential reading for investors, companies and governments interested in the HALE segment, Eye in the Sky evaluates 12 HALE platforms and payloads.

01 Metrics + Mapping provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the entire HALE segment and ecosystem. It examines key metrics related to HALEs, such as costs, capabilities and technological maturity, and maps global development, market dynamics and military use.

02 Benchmarking performance + AI autonomy evaluates the performance of  HALE systems according to the three primary RAIN+ AI Capabilities: Flight Automation, Connectivity and Automated Target Recognition. It also analyses the potential of AI for the HAPS segment.

03 Trends + Forecasts provides analysis of key commercial and military meta trends and forecasts for the HALE segment, taking into account key geopolitical and technological factors.

Who's Who in AI + Defense

The RAIN 500

The first RAIN 500 report maps 500 individuals working in the field of artificial intelligence and defense in the United States, with other regions to follow. Individuals across 15 spotlight categories are presented with detailed profiles to form the ‘RAIN 150’.

In addition to the who’s who of individuals, RAIN 500 provides an overview of the institutional landscape, covering the government, private sector and civil society, as well as analysis, trends and developments related to the people who are driving AI and defense in the US.

  • Understand the institutional ecosystem of AI and defense
  • Track who’s who in the sector and find the contacts you need to do business
  • Be prepared for what’s next in the sector

The Venture Capital + Defense Directory

The Leading Venture Capital Firms and Defense + Dual-Use Technology Companies in the United States

An analysis of venture-capital backed efforts at the cutting edge of defense innovation in the United States. For the first time the leading venture capital firms’ involvement in defense and dual use technology has been analysed together with the leading new companies developing technology for the defense mission.

40 VC firm profiles are categorised into 4 VC types, operating across 15 industries and 64 sub-segments .

150 defense and dual-use companies including 139 private companies, 11 public companies and 32 unicorns. 

The VC and Defense Directory offers granular representation of the investment patterns of venture capital firms in the defense space. It offers a deep dive into the profiles of the 40 most prominent VCs and 150 of the most important defense and dual use companies operating in the defense space.  


All sectors of the emerging critical technology industries are covered in detail. 78,000 individual data-points compiled by the RAIN DATA LAB into 291 infographics allows us to understand the sector in detail.

 This report  is made up of three parts: 

01:  An introduction to VC and defense including assessment of the investment outlook for the sector. 

02: An analysis and presentation of the most important venture capital firms in the sector

03:  An analysis and presentation of the most important venture-backed defense and dual use companies

George Howell

Director of
RAIN+ Industry

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