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on Defense +AI

The deployment of artificial intelligence in the defense sector is provoking a debate of seismic importance. RAIN+ Ethics is committed to supporting and informing the debate around the ethics of AI use in the Defense Sector.

RAIN+ Ethics disentangles the dynamics of the debate – the political, legal and ethical arguments and the implications of AI technology – provides clarification on the ethical positions and summarizes this in guidance reports. This division also maps the landscape of stakeholders and regulatory initiatives to support leaders and decision makers as they navigate the challenges of AI.


The dynamics of the debate


Ethical arguments of AI and defense


Stakeholders and regulatory initiatives

RAIN+ Primers

An introduction to the key ethical questions in AI + defense.

Need some help with terminology and acronyms?

The RAIN+ A-Z of Artificial Intelligence is here to help

Dr. Jorrit Kamminga

Director of RAIN+ Ethics

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