An invitation only global business and knowledge hub for the Defense + AI ecosystem

RAINCLOUD offers specialist professional networking and business knowledge thanks to a 24/7 DIGITAL TRADE SHOW and INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERSHIP exclusive benefits.  

Connect with all market participants and professionals within the industry, as well as influential figures in the Defense + AI ecosystem.

Find RAINCLOUD members searching by name, by location and by company.

Set up meetings, organize events, and share travel plans and projects with other members.
RAINCLOUD maximizes your personal visibility, as well as the visibility of your company’s products and services, within the international Defense+AI Ecosystem.
Digital Defense Show
Create an online “product booth” to showcase products, and services, providing information to a diverse and targeted global audience 24/7 throughout the year.

Connect directly with product owners, review their profiles, and explore other products they are showcasing.

Explore cutting-edge AI defense technologies and offers.
Industry Thought Leadership
Demonstrate your expertise on Defense and AI to a community of interested and engaged readers.

Manage your own portfolio of posts, articles and links

Browse and search a one-stop source for cutting-edge insights on the impact of AI on Defense.
In Depth Knowledge
Specialised Groups
Members with a specific interest can deep dive on RAINCLOUD on their favorite topic, including those relevant to industry and geopolitics

Industry Events
Detailed list of curated events relevant to Defense and AI.

Searchable using a list of categories, providing you with your own curated list of events relevant to your interests

Industry News
Comprehensive news on Defense+AI in a curated fashion with unique search functions.

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