RAIN Spotlight: Influential Leaders in VC + Defense

A RAIN+ Venture Capital in Defense Directory Extract

The emerging role of venture capital in spurring defense innovation is driven by a number of key individuals working at VC firms. They have mixed backgrounds in business, technology and the defense and intelligence sectors. The combined expertise of these individuals in founding technology companies, running businesses and understanding the military’s requirements enables VC firms to drive innovation in defense. This report extract highlights the background of these individuals and the role they play in the VC + Defense sector.

The Influential Leaders in VC + Defense spotlight is a sample of the RAIN Venture Capital + Defense Directory. It offers insight into the individuals influential at the nexus of venture capital at the founder, managing partner and boardroom levels. It shows a new convergence between Silicon Valley software investors and former Department of Defense administrators towards the development of the emerging mission driven company and investment model is taking shape.

The RAIN VC + Defense Directory

This is an extract from the RAIN+ Venture Capital in Defense Directory. For the first time the leading venture capital firms’ involvement in defense and dual use technology has been analysed together with the leading new companies developing technology for the defense mission. The VC and Defense Directory offers granular representation of the investment patterns of venture capital firms in the defense space. It offers a deep dive into the profiles of the 40 most prominent VCs and 150 of the most important defense and dual use companies operating in the defense space. All sectors of the emerging critical technology industries are covered in detail. 78,000 individual data-points compiled by the RAIN Data Lab into 291 infographics allows us to understand the sector in detail.

· 40 VC firm profiles are categorised into 4 VC types, operating across 15 industries and 64 sub-segments.

· 150 defense and dual-use companies including 139 private companies, 11 public companies and 32 unicorns.

If you would like more information on how to gain access to the full RAIN VC + Defense Directory, click here.


RAIN+ Industry Reports provide new insights for those involved in defense sector product development, investment, or procurement. They are essential reading for anyone tracking the policy implications of AI on the future of defense structures. They offer actionable insights and market trend analysis to help decision makers reach critical decisions.  Based on data-driven research, our reports offer vital intelligence and analytics for businesses and investors. Analytics of products and components, key companies, regulatory environments and the broader geopolitical context are for the first time offered together in one place.

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