A Global Knowledge Platform

on Defense + AI

RAIN is a global knowledge platform on the intersection of Defense and AI. We provide the latest on Defense + AI by sourcing comprehensive, and highly relevant knowledge + data and connecting to all the players globally. RAIN’s three division – RAIN Industry, RAINCLOUD and RAIN Ethics – work in synergy to provide a unique and specialised source on AI + Defense.

RAIN Reports provide actionable insights for those involved in defense sector product development, investment, or procurement. RAIN Reports are essential reading for anyone tracking the policy implications of AI on the future of defense.

RAINCLOUD is a members-only global platform for the AI+ Defense community. It provides exclusive access to a validated multi disciplinary network of professionals, industry data plus curated news and the latest events.

RAIN INDUSTRY REPORTS provide a multi-dimensional view of AI impacts by mapping the AI ecosystem, benchmarking and evaluating capabilities of platforms and systems. 
They offer actionable insights and market trend analysis to help decision makers reach critical decisions. Based on data-driven research, they offer vital intelligence and analytics for businesses and investors.



For government agencies from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom interested in purchasing RAIN+ report we are pleased to announce that all Reports are available on the Grist Mill Exchange for anonymous purchase.

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    A members only global platform for the Defense + AI community

    A place to connect with key people in the Defense + AI community

    Exclusive access to a comprehensive knowledge platform on all aspects of Defense + AI

    A members only global platform for the Defense + AI community

    A place to connect with key people in the Defense +AI global community

    Allowing Members to organize events, share their travel plans and their projects + products

    Exclusive access to a comprehensive knowledge platform. 

    Access to a Virtual Trade Show on products and services related to Defense +AI.

    Curated news and latest trends for  Defense +AI.

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